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Bio: For my 1st Christmas, I received a play kitchen. From that point on, I was hooked. I would often fight with my three brother's over who got to mix the cookie batter, and create a menu based on the refrigerator's ingredients and prepare a meal from scratch; something I learned from my mom. I give my mom, who loved gardening, credit for my innate desire to cook from scratch. It was by watching her bring food from the garden to our dining table that led me down that same road. It is what I now do for my own family. Growing up with brothers, made me very adventurous. I was very fortunate to have a wonderfully close family who loved to camp. My parents took us all over the place in our 21 ft. Winnebago. I can still remember the curtains and that excited feeling of pulling up to our campsite. That feeling still lingers in me today when my husband and I take our own children exploring. I hope like crazy that we instill that same passion in them that so much of life happens outside, and that so many good memories take place being active. As I begin this blog, my husband and I are in the midst of leaving behind good jobs, great health insurance, friends and family, an amazing church, and the home we have owned for 6 years. We have had the biggest desire to see life from another view. So, we are selling off a ton of our belongings, and taking an adventure as a family, to see where the road leads us. This blog is for you the viewer, to see a slice of our life.

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