Lucky Us

It is the small whispers in your ear, time and time again, that become words of encouragement. Those words are usually spoken from someone really close to you, who knows your inner thoughts, desires, and wishes sometimes more then you know yourself.  For me, that came a few weeks back, and I have been mulling over the sentiment and commitment since then.

This long trusted friend of mine, has been constant in my life.  Her own families path, has often paralleled my own. So I fell upon her words like a bird on a branch; patiently hearing singing in the wind, sending out my own song, as the warmth of the sun shown down on me, and felt contentment. Sometimes that is all you need, is that little nudge.

So Mondays. Mondays are my only day off without distractions. It’s when I use my time to the fullest; either for play, catching up on life, or diving into my own passions. One of such, is writing. It was always a creative outlet of mine; a place where I could share my heart.

One day a week. A few words of encouragement. A desire to write.



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